Virtual Book

A Mylestones virtual book is perfect for those who want a digital book. A Mylestones Virtual Book is an eBook that is hosted in its own Virtual Private Library. It can be viewed by anyone with the QR Code giving them permission to access the Book. In the Library, the Book can be viewed but not downloaded, shared or altered.

Each virtual Book contains all the same messages, photos and other mementos that is in either a Print Book or Video Book. It is just a digital version.

About a Mylestones Virtual Book in 8 Simple Q&As
What is it?
It is a digital version of either a print book or video book.
Who is it for?
Someone having a big life moment (ie, wedding, graduation, bar mitzvah, baby shower, anniversary).
Who contributes to it?
The person’s inner circle of friends, family and/or colleagues (as many people as you want).
How do they submit to it?
They submit the same way they would with a video or virtual book. Those invited to contribute get a QR code to scan. Then, each person records and uploads his/her own written or video message, photos and mementos. Completed files go directly to the Mailbox.
Who designs it?
One person initiates the virtual book and up to 4 more friends can help design or edit the book, just like ina print or video book..
When to make it?
Make it before the event so the book is a group gift, or after a big event to help memorialize the details.
Why make one?
It helps make a big life moment even more special and memorable by allowing friends, family and colleagues. But what’s great about a virtual book is that it can be shown and shared with family and friends around the world.
Who pays for it?
It can be paid for by one person or crowd-funded. The payment system allows multiple people to chip in.

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