Video Recording Tips

Making a video might feel intimidating to those who’ve never done it before.  Here are a few tips to ensure that your video clip is the best it can be.

  1. Good Lighting

    When it comes to light, more is better.  The more lighting you have the better quality your recording will be. The best lighting is natural lighting (when the sun is out of course). An ideal place to record yourself is facing a window.  Never have a window behind you, as you’ll look like a shadow.  If you’re recording at night, make sure there is a bright light behind the camera, directly on you and your face.

  2. Focus & Stability

    Make sure your phone or camera is in focus before you record yourself. A great way to make sure that your device is in focus is by recording practice video.  Check if you look fuzzy or blurry in the video. If so, refocus your device and make sure that it is on a stable surface. If you have a tripod or a selfie stick, this is a great opportunity to use it!  If you don’t that’s okay, you can lean your phone or camera against a stack of books on a chair or table to make them level to your face.

  3. Clear & Crisp Audio

    Audio is the most under-valued part of any video.  The quality of your video’s audio is key for someone to be able to hear your meaningful message. Try to record your video indoors as outside noises will be very prominent on video. Things like wind and traffic, which you might not notice, sound very loud on video and often overpowers the person speaking.  For optimal audio, make sure you record inside in a room that has little to no background noise and that nothing is covering the speakers on your recording device.

  1. Clean Background

    Before you begin recording, try to find a clean, uncluttered area as your background. This helps your video look more polished.  Some good background ideas might be a solid color wall or closet, or a window covered by neutral curtains.  Also make sure you stand several feet away from it so that shadows don’t show up in your video.

  2. Camera Presence

    The best way to sound and look good on camera is by practicing. Write some key points you want to say and do some practice recordings to help eliminate awkward pauses. Making sure you sit up straight and speak up when recording.  This will help avoid mumbling and slouching.

  3. Shoot Horizonal Video

    Always record on your device in landscape mode. More of your video will fit into the frame if it is filmed horizontally. This helps the video look more polished and clean.

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