About Mylestones’ Video Book

Each Mylestones video book contains the event footage and video clips, photos and mementos contributed by the people special someone’s inner circle. All of those elements are combined to tell a story on video. That film is then compressed and uploaded into a video book.

The preloaded, open-&-play LCD video book looks, on the outside, like a traditional book. But, when you open it, the ‘book’ functions more like a tablet. By opening the cover, a magnet releases the start button so the video begins to play on the HD viewing screen inside the book. The viewer is able to watch and hear the crisp, sharp video. The book also has a small USB port on the side and comes with a USB cord for recharging the battery. There are forward and rewind buttons, as well as volume control.

About a Mylestones Video Book in 8 Simple Q&As
What is it?
It is a preloaded, open-&-play LCD video book with 16 GB of space for 2-3 hour movie.
Who is it for?
Someone having a big life moment (ie, wedding, graduation, bar mitzvah, baby shower, anniversary).
Who contributes to it?
The person’s inner circle of friends, family and/or colleagues (as many people as you want).
How do they submit to it?
Those invited to contribute get a QR code to scan. Then, each person records and uploads his/her own video message, using their smart phone or video recorder, and hits upload. The person can also attach photos and mementos. Completed files and photos are submitted directly to the Mailbox.
Who designs it?
One person initiates the video book and up to 4 more friends can help edit the video footage at the same time. Our audio conferencing and editing toggle lets the designers discuss ideas, drag-and-drop clips and photos, crop unwanted footage, and add text to create a video real that is unique and special. It’s a fun and creative film project that even someone who has never edited video can do.
When to make it?
Make it before the event so the book is a group gift, or after a big event to help memorialize the details.
Why make one?
Make a big life moment even more special and memorable by allowing friends, family and colleagues to share their feelings and be a part of it.
Who pays for it?
It can be paid for by one person or crowd-funded. The payment system allows multiple people to chip in.

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