About Mylestones’ Print Book

Each Mylestones print book is a uniquely-designed, elegantly-printed book filled with a collection of expressive messages written by that special someone’s inner circle. It can have either soft or hard cover and perfect-binding. The book is then beautifully-packaged and shipped so the group can present it as a gift.

Each book is printed on Cougar® recycled paper from Domitar, the highest quality paper available for use in print-on-demand, digital presses. The paper delivers dynamic color and smooth texture and is milled in the U.S. The stock is FSC® and SFI® certified, denoting responsible forest management and sourcing, from forest to shelf.

About a Mylestones Print Book in 8 Simple Q&As
What is it?
A one-of-a-kind printed book full of personal messages (long or short) and photos.
Who is it for?
Someone having a big life moment (ie wedding, graduation, bar mitzvah, baby shower, or promotion).
Who contributes to it?
The person’s inner circle of friends, family and/or colleagues (as many people as you want).
How do they submit to it?
Those invited to contribute get a QR code to scan. Each person writes a message, attaches photos and hits enter. Simple.
Who designs it?
One person starts the book and up to 4 more friends can help design it. Thematic templates makes designing it quick and easy.
When to make it?
Before the event so the book is a group gift, or after the event to help memorialize the details.
Why make one?
To elevate a big moment and make it even more special and memorable by having everyone share their feelings.
Who pays for it?
It can be paid for by one person or crowd-funded. The payment system allows multiple people to chip in.

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