Legacy or Family Heritage Book

Do all of your sisters write poetry? Did your grandmother and grandfather write long-distance love letters to one another? Did your relatives share stories at the family reunion that need to be preserved? Does your company want to share its story?

Families and friends share hundreds of stories among themselves, but not many of them get preserved so they can be shared and remembered. A Mylestones book can chronicle and safeguard a family’s accounts, legacy or documents that can be read by all and passed on from generation to generation. In a Legacy Book, you can build wistful family stories from the real anecdotes, pictures and mementos shared by kin. There is power in capturing the tales told around the kitchen table about how family and friends got through the chaos of living. By being properly acknowledged and written down – when we put into words ‘this is how it was’ – we are released from the past’s ability to hold us back from where we are going. A Legacy book is perfect for when a group wants to say “Once upon a time, this is what happened.”

Sample Mylestone Events:
  • Ancestry
  • Memories
  • Our Story
  • Poetry
  • Milestone Year
  • Big Project

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