1. How many people can work on the design or editing of a Mylestones book?

Up to three people plus the Creator can work on the design and editing of each Mylestones book, either separately or collaboratively at the same time.

2. How many people can contribute messages to a print or virtual book?

There is no limit to how many people can contribute to a Mylestones print or virtual book. A book that exceeds 200 pages will have smyth-sewn binding instead of perfect binding to ensure a lasting hold.

3. How many people can contribute messages to a video book?

A video book can fit up to 16 GB of compressed video which amounts to about 150 minutes of video footage. So depending on how long each person’s message is, a video book could, for example, have 100-200 one-minute clips.

4. What will the cover of my Mylestones print book look like?

The cover of your Mylestones print book will feature your custom design. It is not a dust jacket or a plain cover. You design your cover and your hard cover book will show that design.

5. What will the cover of my Mylestones video book look like?

The cover of your Mylestones video book will be solid reflex blue and have a belly band featuring a photograph of your choice.

6. How does it work when Mylestones designs or edits a book for me?

When you order a Mylestones Professionally-Designed book, you will be asked to submit all images, text, and pdf files. You will then be prompted to answer a few questions about the kind of design you’d like. That information will then be submitted for design. Our designers will use our existing templates and website tools to design a book for you.

7. Can I preview my professionally-designed book before it is printed?

Of course! Each professionally-designed book will be sent to the Book Creator for preview and approval before the print order is placed.

8. Can I add feedback and make changes to my professionally-designed book?

Yes! Each professionally-designed book includes two rounds of edits.

9. How long does it take for my book to be professionally-designed by Mylestones?

About 2-4 days!

10. What is the maximum number of pages a Mylestones print book can have?

500 pages (which is half as long as Don Quixote, but twice as many pages as the average non-fiction bestseller in 2017)

11. Can I add photos that I downloaded off the Internet in my Mylestones print book?

Due to copyright infringement laws, you must own the rights to any photos and materials included in your book.

12. What is the lowest resolution photo that I can use in a Mylestones print book?

We recommend photos be 300 DPI. However, Mylestones uses the latest software to increase the resolution of low-res images in order to provide the best quality product for our customers.

13. Can I upload and use PDF files in a Mylestones print book?

Yes and yes! You can upload PDF files right on to your book’s mailbox, just as you would text and images. Those can be inserted into your book.

14. What is the maximum video file size that can be loaded in a Mylestones video book?

The video file must be less than 16 GB (after compression) to fit in a Mylestones video book.

15. Does a Mylestones video book have a battery?

Yes, a Mylestones video book has lithium battery and it is rechargeable. That means every Mylestones video book has a long shelf-life.

16. Can I recharge a Mylestones video book?

Absolutely! As many times as you’d like. Just plug the cable into the USB port on the bottom of your Mylestones video book and plug the USB into a computer and voilà!

17. May I use commercially-published music in my Mylestones video book?

Music that is copyrighted cannot be used in a Mylestones book. However, music that is in the public domain can be used.

18. How many copies of my Mylestones book can I order?

The sky’s the limit. Order as many as you like.

19. Can I buy a PDF file of my Mylestones print book?

Mylestone books are intended to be given as gifts, so a PDF file is not available for purchase. However, if you prefer a digital file to share, we suggest getting a Virtual book in tandem with either your print or video book. You will be able to share that link with everyone.

20. Can I pay to save my Mylestones book in my own private Virtual Library so I can share it with others?

Certainly! You will be prompted with the option to purchase the Virtual Book as a stand-alone item or as an add-on to your existing order for every print or video book.

21. Can multiple people split the cost / crowd-fund a Mylestones book?

Yes. We want to eliminate the hassle of “collecting” money for a group book. A Mylestones book can be paid by one person or split / shared by many or all contributors to that book

22. How many people can share in the payment of the book?

As many people as would like can pay for a portion of the book. Payment amount can be the same for every Contributor or can vary. It is up to the Book Creator to determine how much each Contributor is asked to pay.

23. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express debit and credit cards.

24. How will my Mylestones print or video book be packaged?

Your Mylestones print or video book will be packaged in an elegant clamshell mailer box, ready to be gifted.

25. How long will it take to receive my order?

Your order will be at your doorstep within 7-10 days of placing your order in the continental U.S.

26. Does Mylestones ship internationally?

At this time, we only ship within North America. But we will soon be expanding!

27. How can I track my order after my Mylestones book has shipped?

Once your order is placed, Mylestones will send you a tracking number that can be used to see where your package is.

28. For how long will the messages, photos and design files of a work-in progress be saved?

A Book-in-Progress will be saved for up to a year. Mylestones will alert the Book Creator a month before the book is scheduled to be deleted. If the Book Creator does nothing else, the file – together with all of its designs/layouts, images and messages -- will be deleted. However, if the book is modified and saved in any way, then the time will be extended another year.

29. For how long will my Mylestones video or print book be saved in the Mylestones archives after purchase?

After a book is purchased, a file will be saved for one year in warm storage (which is immediately accessible to the customer). Thereafter, it will be kept an additional four years in cold storage (available within 2 hours of request).

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