Our Policies

Customer Satisfaction


Mylestones is in the business of helping our customers build relationships with those who matter most in their lives.  And, we want to build a positive relationship with our customers because they matter most to us.  That’s why we are committed to making our customers’ experience with Mylestones the best it can be.  That means delivering top quality products, offering a positive user experience, and ensuring that the messages and images uploaded to our site are safely stored for your use.



We want our customers to be happy with the products they buy from us.  When you place an order with Mylestones, we guarantee your order will be free from defects, printing errors and shipping problems or we will replace it.  (That does not include errors customers make in creating their books, which includes but is not limited to things like typos, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, design errors, omission of messages or images contributed to the book but not added to the design, etc.)  If there is a problem with the technical quality of the printing or binding or if the book is damaged during shipping, please contact us.  We will make every effort to make it right.

Mylestones does not, however, guarantee 100% image reproduction.  Quality of scans and photographs depend on many factors including resolution, light, quality of camera, focus, press calibration and other factors related to the equipment used to shoot photographs/video and the skills of photographers/videographers, which are beyond Mylestones’ control.  For example, a low resolution photo (any image less than 300 dpi – like a photo of a photo, or a scan of an old photo) may appear grainy and fuzzy when printed, even if the image looks fine on a digital screen or website.  We use the latest software to improve the resolution of low res images, but there is a limit to the results.  For this reason, Mylestones recommends our clients adhere to the warnings given during the Preview process of each book.  Mylestones is not responsible for poor photographs and documents that do not reproduce well in print.


User Experience

We have designed the platform to be easy for our customers to use individually and collectively.  If some aspect of our website is not performing well or if there is some tool that would make the site more user friendly, let us know at [email protected]We will do our best to fix problems and upgrade the site with valuable tools in a timely manner.



You’ve trusted us with your photos, videos and special messages.  We know those are invaluable to you.  We promise to let you store all those precious keepsakes at the same resolution at which they were uploaded for an extended period of time.  Here’s how it works:

  • A Book-in-Progress will be saved for up to a year. Mylestones will alert the Book Creator a month before the book is scheduled to be deleted. If the Book Creator does nothing else, the file – together with all of its designs/layouts, images and messages — will be deleted.  However, if the book is modified in any way and saved, then the time will be extended another year.
  • After a book is purchased, a file will be saved for one year in warm storage (which is immediately accessible to the customer). Thereafter, it will be kept an additional four years in cold storage (available within 2 hours of request).

To address a concern about a Mylestones product, please contact us at [email protected].


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