Courage / Valor Book

Is your husband doing a tour of duty in the military? Did your best friend just come out on social media? Did your son stand up to a school bully who was picking on a more vulnerable kid? Maybe your mom risked her career to blow the whistle on some really inappropriate or illegal behavior at work? Or your dad is leading the charge to confront bigotry in
the community?

Some people surprise us with their courage. But this world definitely needs more heroes, and we need to praise the everyday heroes in our lives! When you’re in awe of what someone did or is doing, tell ‘em how much you applaud their conviction or bravery! A book of Courage / Valor is the perfect way to deliver messages like: “Well done! That took guts. My hat’s off to you. You are a great example. You raised the bar. I admire your conviction.”

Sample Mylestone Events:
  • Champion for a Cause
  • Hero
  • Coming Out
  • Gender Transition

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