Our Policies

Copyright and Respect for Intellectual Property


As the creator and publisher of your own Mylestones book, each Mylestones customer is the copyright holder and owner of his/her own materials.  The book owner is thus free to gift, publish and/or sell the book.

Each customer is also solely responsible for the content in the book including messages, words, documents, photographs and/or video uploaded, typed or added to any Mylestones book.  It is solely the customer’s responsibility to possess or have permission to use copyrighted, trademarked and any otherwise protected intellectual property including written text, documents, photographs and video in the production of each book published by Mylestones.

Mylestones discourages use of protected materials by customers.  However, use of protected materails in violation of these rights, as well as any sanctions resulting therefrom, is solely the responsibility of the customer who used protected materials.  Mylestones will not be held liable in case of claims from a third party due to copyright, trademark or violation of any other intellectual property rights.

Each customer also guarantees that no content, including text, documents, photographs or videos violate any U.S. or international laws, including but not limited to child pornography, sex trafficking, or human trafficking.  Mylestones will remove and refuse to print materials of this nature and will terminate the account of any customer attempting to use the Mylestones platform to publish or produce such materials.

All Text, HTML, PHP, JavaScript coding, website design, graphics, logos, and production site design appearing in or on the Mylestones website are the exclusive intellectual property of Mylestone Moments, LLC and are protected under U.S. and International copyright laws or have extended licensing.


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