Condolences / Celebration of Life Book

Did someone special to you experience a terrible loss… the death of a parent, spouse or child? Did a beloved family member pass away? Or did a close friend or family member experience another significant loss like a miscarriage or the end of a long relationship? Give comfort to someone who’s suffered a significant loss or other difficult time. When they’re hurting, let ’em know, “I’m so sorry for your loss and pain. We’re here for you. We care.”

When someone passes away, sometimes the best way to mark that poignant moment is to celebrate that person’s life. A Celebration of Life book is full of the personal stories that tell, in plain words, what made that person so special. As it says in the Torah, remember that “as long as we live, they too will live. For they are now a part of us, as we remember them.”

Sample Mylestone Events:
  • Death of a Spouse
  • Loss of a child
  • Passing of a parent

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