Achievement Book

Your son is graduating top of his high school class! Your daughter has been accepted to an Ivy League college on a full-ride scholarship! Your boss just recorded his first TED Talk and it went viral. Your mom was the first woman elected official in your city. Your kid just earned his Black Belt. Your best friend just got signed to play for a major sports team. Could you be any prouder?

You all know how much hard work it took. Some achievements deserve extra recognition! When it’s time to say “We’re so proud of you!” or “You did it! We knew you could”… or you just want to do a “High Five”, this book delivers the applause that is well deserved.

Sample Mylestone Events:
  • Graduation
  • College Acceptance
  • Published Author
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Promotion
  • Scholarship Winner
  • Award Winner
  • Eagle Scout
  • Black Belt

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